• Angled view of the restaurant exterior window with the logo.
  • Angled view of the restaurant building exterior.
  • Angled view of the restaurant interior.

Irie Ting

To be at total peace with everything.
The way you feel when you have no worries.

About us

Irie is a feeling that is foundational to the Caribbean culture. We strongly believe everyone
should live life, Irie.

Our story began in the kitchen many years ago -- with a mother and daughters who wanted a way to share generations of authentic Jamaican cuisines with their local community. With the launch of our first restaurant in 2006, we've been able to use food as a tool for connecting with those around us and celebrating our proud heritage. At Irie Ting, we don't simply take orders we bring the vibes -- by creating a lively island atmosphere, taking pride in our service, and making sure every Ting is Irie.

Drawing from our diverse roots of Jamaican cuisine our menu offers both traditional and modern renditions to some of our favorite island specialties. We focus on importing only the richest spices and ingredients from the Caribbean to create dishes that are bold and rich in flavor. We invite you to share in our story. To indulge in the flavors and embrace the Irie culture -- where all our friends and dining is an experience. Welcome to Irie Ting.